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Our Services:

Downloadable Guide [>>]

Our downloadable guide comes in two versions: Essentials Version [more] The Essentials version walks you through the process of closing down the most well...

Online Account Closure [>>]

We have expertise in identifying and closing down the following online accounts: facebook Gmail flickr bebo myspace twitter youtube linkedin ...

Digital Asset Archiving [>>]

We have expertise in organising, converting and transferring data from the following devices: Personal computers Netbooks laptops MP3 players PDAs ...

How we can help

At Online Undertakers, we help close down the online lives of deceased loved ones through three comprehensive services:

  • Downloadable guide [more
  • Online Closure Service [more
  • Digital Asset Archiving [more]

Download 'The Essentials'

Please enter your name and email to receive a complementary copy of our Online Closure Guide, in 'Essentials' format, with details of how to close down the most well known accounts.